Queen Elizabeth National Park.

September 1, 2019
Destinations in Uganda

The park is named after Queen Elizabeth II who opened it in 1954. The park boast large water bodies including the eastern portion of Lake Edward and the Western portion of Lake George as well as the 34 km long Kazinga Channel which connects the two lakes. There are many crater Lakes within the park with salt Lake Katwe being the largest.

This is one of the most remarkable ecosystems consisting of deciduous tropical high forest, undulating grasslands, acacia savannah, swamps and mosaic grasslands. The 500 sq km Maramagambo forest which exists between the escarpment and Lake Edward is a wide belt of medium altitude semi-deciduous forest.

Above all, it’s a 2,500 sq km sanctuary teaming with great herds of elephant, topis, Uganda kobs, hippos, buffaloes, bush buck, warthog, tree climbing lions in ishasha, chimpanzees, colobus monkeys, giant forest hog, leopards and baboons.

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