Selous Game Reserve.

September 1, 2019
Destinations in Tanzania

A Must for the real Nature Lover. The largest game reserve in Africa – 4 times the size of the Serengeti (see map). It possesses a diverse landscape from hot volcanic springs, sporadic lakes, channels from the Great Rhaha and Rufiji rivers. Walking is permitted (with an armed ranger) which with over 350 species of bird and 2,000 species of plants to see makes this the most heavenly sanctuary to explore. Selous is famous for its elephant, hippopotamus and rhino (although now few remain).

The park has a broad range of game: buffalo – the largest population in Africa; Nyasaland gnu; brindled gnu; hartebeest; Greater Kudu; sable antelope; eland; reedbuck; bushbuck; waterbuck; warthog; zebras; giraffe; and wildebeest. Also: lion, leopard, the spotted hyeana and hunting dog are in abundance; cheetah are rare; there are over 350 species of bird and reptiles such as crocodiles and various snakes and lizards.

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