Kenyan Coast

September 1, 2019
Destinations in Kenya

Kenya offers 536 kilometers of coastline along the warm waters of the Indian Ocean. Much of the coastline remains undeveloped, however there is a range of developed areas starting from Lamu Island in the north and ending at Wasini Island in the south near the Tanzanian border. The coast is served by airstrips near Lamu, at Malindi and the Ukunda airport in Diani, the south coast of Mombasa. Moi International Airport is based in Mombasa where vis itors can access the Mombasa North Coast resorts following a short drive. Passengers arriving to Moi International can also transfer to the South Coast Diani resorts by road with a crossing on the Likoni Ferry – a brief trip bridging the half a kilometre gap between north and south coasts.

Lamu Island
This UNESCO World Heritage Site is one of the original settlements in Kenya, dating back to 1370. It is a site steeped in culture and history. It is known for offering comfortable accommodation.

Travelling south from Lamu, we next arrive at Malindi. The area is also steeped in Swahili culture and offers a number of popular resorts. Malindi is 120 kilometers north of Mombasa and transfers can be provided by road from Mom basa or travelers may fly into the Malindi Airport. There are a number of popular resorts in the Malindi area.

Just a few kilometres south of Malindi is Watamu. Here the exceptional beaches are protected by offshore coral providing an opportunity for swimming, snorkeling, SCUBA diving and deep-sea fishing. There are a range of resorts in Watamu includ ing the five-star Hemingways Watamu Resort.

The next spot we arrive at on our journey south is Kilifi. Not widely known, Kilifi is 53 kilometers north of Mombasa and offers pristine beaches and a small selection of resorts.

Mombasa is generally split into three areas. The north and south coasts and the city centre. The city itself is an island, connected to the northwest by a bridge where the airport is located on the mainland. A bridge also connects the city to the north coast where a range of resorts can be found. A ferry connects the island to the south coast. Here you find a number of beaches including the popular Diani Beach, teeming with resorts of every size, standard and budget imaginable .


Diani is a luxurious beach town in Kenya normally referred to as Mombasa South Coast. Known for awesome Diani beach hotels, coral reefs, plush white sands, and verdant forests, Diani is a versatile area popular with people of all ages. In addition to fantastic surfing conditions, the intimate town is filled with exotic wildlife, elegant resort hotels, and a shopping center.

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